Vector: At the Forefront of Providing Relief at the COVID-19 Testing Site

As COVID-19 continues to have an impact on our local community, we have partnered with Florida State Officials to help keep workers, troops, medical staff, and volunteers safe from heat-related illnesses.

Over the last week, we have delivered a dozen of the most advanced mobile climate control systems to Palm Beach County’s first COVID-19 outdoor testing site. Our systems have provided tremendous relief as temperatures have been in the high 80’s as the week began.

Delivery to the Site

State officials began setting up the temporary testing site on Monday morning. Members of the U.S. Army and National Guard immediately welcomed us, considering it was +90° at the testing site. They were anticipating our arrival. As we were guided around a maze of traffic cones to the medical tents, smiles were everywhere.

Vector’s plug and play capabilities allow all the systems to be set up in a matter of minutes. Rugged wheels made it easy to move through the grass to their final destination.

The medical personnel were able to effortlessly reposition the units to optimize the positive airflow to ensure the safety of the testing staff. 

Smart Mobile Cooling

EOC (Emergency Operation Center) recognized that Vector is the most advanced and versatile mobile climate control system available on the market. Which is why Vector was chosen for this sensitive operation.

Vector’s small footprint, quiet system, low energy consumption, and large water tank allow Vector to operate in conditions and environments that other systems can’t.


Compact, and Out of the Way

When comparing Vector to other mobile climate control systems on the market, Vector’s footprint is much more compact. The dimensions are 20″ x 24″ to be exact. Vector takes up the same amount of space as a large person standing up straight.

The staff positioned our systems behind them, to help move potentially contaminated air particles away from their work area. With limited space to work with under each tent, Vector was a perfect fit (pun intended).

Quiet Operations

Communication between health care professionals and patients was paramount at this operation. Only a product like Vector can simultaneously provide a high level of airflow while maintaining minimal sound levels. As you can see below, the staff was very happy to have Vector by their side.

Atmosphere Redefined

Traditional misting systems using loud, rotating mechanical systems or rely on water pressure to atomize the water. Whereas Vector uses a unique, silent electronic process to break down water particles as small as 2 microns and features a fully customizable misting level with a touch of a button. As a quick reference, a human hair is 100 microns, and regular mist particles are about 50 microns.

When misting is activated, Vector can influence temperatures up to 25° in open spaces. As a result, studies have shown workers’ productivity and awareness to substantially increase, while the risk of heat-related illness drastically decreases.

Powering and Maintaining Vector on Site

In this large and open testing area, there were no sources of power or water available. Fortunately, Vector’s hyper-efficiency and low energy consumption allow multiple units to run on a single 2000 watt generator, whereas other evaporative cooling systems consume up to 1700 watts each.

In addition to energy efficiency, Vector’s tank capacity can provide continuous misting for 24 to 48 hours before needing to be refilled.

For sites with a water supply, Vector can easily connect to a water line that provides continuous feed. Thus, eliminating the need to refill the water tank.

The Best Equipment

When you’re fighting a war, your best equipment better be on the front lines. Vector stands proud alongside our brave men and women of the Armed Forces.

Troops and volunteers expressed their sincerest gratitude to all of us at Vector, as we have expressed our appreciation for their service during this global crisis.

Vector looks forward to helping as much as we can during this pandemic because, at the end of the day, we are all #InThisTogether.

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