Vector is Ready to Serve its Country.

Versatile and Rugged.

The versatility and refined ruggedness of Vector make it an excellent candidate for military use.


Members of our armed forces are faced with extreme situations every day, and most of the time those situations are accompanied by extreme climates (both hot and cold).

Vector is the first system of its kind that has combined cooling and heating capabilities in the same unit, which allows Vector to be deployed year-round.

Vector can be easily stationed in the following settings:

  • Tactical Operation Centers
  • Aviation and Ground Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Training Facilities
  • Living Quarters
  • Dining Facilities 



Negative Effects of Heat Stress in the Military

Intense heat can lead to decreases in productivity, attentiveness, and overall performance. Vigilant task performance will degrade slightly after 40 minutes and markedly after 2 to 3 hours. 

Negative effects in reaction time like this can be costly, if not deadly.

How Vector Can Help

Strategically placing Vector will mitigate these adverse effects by keeping service members cooled down.

Vector, at full strength, can provide up to 9,000 CFM. Combining this power with our DryMist cooling technology can impact the most extreme environments up to 25 degrees.

With performance like this, Vector will provide instant relief to service members frequently exposed to extreme heat.

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