Vector’s Advanced Misting System

Vector’s revolutionary Misting System offers superior cooling while simultaneously mitigating heat-related illness.

Vector’s Advantage Over Traditional Misting Systems

The Vector Climate System enables its users to operate in environments where current misting systems simply don’t fit.
Vector’s ultra-fine mist was engineered to keep its users cool without soaking them or their surrounding environment.
This makes it the perfect solution for wedding events under tents, at restaurants, and on home patios as well as industrial spaces like warehouses and loading bays where workers tend to suffer the most.

We’ve even deployed units to provide assistance during COVID-19 relief efforts. Click here to see Vector on the front lines combatting heat during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Revolutionary Ultra-Fine Mist

Vector is the only mobile cooling system that uses an electronic process to generate water droplets as small as 2 microns.

For a quick comparison, take a glance at the chart below:


Size in Microns
Vector’s Mist
2 to 10
Regular Mist
Human Hair


The water droplets that comprise Vector’s mist are so small that it takes them much longer to condense on surfaces compared to traditional mist.

Smaller water droplets are also more efficient at absorbing heat and they will stay in the air longer. As a result, almost 100% of the mist Vector produces is efficiently utilized. Other misting systems use more water but will have less range and won’t be as effective.

In addition to its slow rate of condensation, another advantage of a finer mist with smaller droplets is that it will evaporate much quicker than traditional larger-particle mists. Therefore, when people or objects are within the range of Vector’s mist, they will not get soaked as they would with traditional misting systems.

Higher Efficiency Evaporative Cooling

Instead of large and noisy water pumps, Vector uses a silent, compact, and highly efficient misting system. Above all, this system consumes a dramatically lower amount of electricity than other systems on the market.

Vector consumes 500-800 Watts at full power, while other devices can use up to three times more energy.
Due to Vector’s power efficiency, our team of elite engineers was able to utilize a smaller, more compact (and therefore lighter weight) water tank.

At 15 gallons, Vector has a smaller water reservoir than every other mobile evaporative cooling system on the market. Other systems have tanks that can be as large as 80 gallons!

Vector vs. Wet Membrane Evaporative Cooling

Other systems on the market utilize bulky and hazardous membranes that function as heat exchanges when air passes through them.

These systems are large and can weigh more than 1000 pounds when they are full.Those membrane systems are less effective, create a breeding ground for bacteria, and add to the longterm cost of operating the device.
Additionally, many owners of these heat exchange systems never replace the membranes over the lifespan of their device, greatly elevating the risk of bacterial illnesses.

Vector’s Advanced Misting System has completely eliminated the need for these bulky, obsolete hotbeds of microbial activity.

People Deserve Better

Vector’s Advanced Misting System is another example of how our team designed Vector with a “people first” approach. Not only do people deserve to be comfortable in their environment, but they also should be safe from the hidden risks of contaminated and obsolete mobile cooling systems.

Vector’s innovative solution to common misting problems is one of the many reasons Vector is the preferred choice over other evaporative cooling systems.

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