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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions the Vector Support Team receives. 
If you still have questions, please contact support. 
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How do I check the water level in Vector?

Using the control panel, double click the misting button and the water level will appear on the Vector Info Bar.

My Vector won’t turn on, what do I do?

Verify the power outlet is functioning.

Inspect the power cord for any breaks or tears.

Be sure Vector is on an even, flat surface. Vector comes with tilt sensors that cut all power if it senses the system tilting.

How long does a full tank of water last?

Calculating how long a full tank of water will last you depends on the misting level.

On average a full tank can last between 24-48 hours of continuous running.

What do I do if there is an error light?

Take a picture or write down the color sequence of the error code displayed on the Vector Info Bar and contact the Vector Support Team to create a support ticket to resolve your technical problem.

How do I clean Vector?

To clean Vector, simply hose down the front of the product to remove any buildup, dust, or unwanted dirt.  You may clean the exterior of the product with dish soap and water to help remove any tough grime. 

How much does Vector weigh?

Vector weighs 125 pounds with no water in it.  With a full tank (15 gallons), Vector weighs approximately 250 pounds (~8 pounds per gallon)

Can I move Vector with water in it?

Yes, you can.  However, please be aware that it becomes much heavier and may require more than one person to safely transport. 

Can I put anything other than water into the tank? 

Vector was designed for use with water ONLY. 

How much energy does Vector consume? 

Vector was designed with the environment in mind.  Vector uses anywhere between 500-1000 watts while running.  On average Vector costs 10-13 cents per day.

How can I remove limescale or calcium build up? 

A solution of diluted descaling liquid can be used to remove build up inside of the water tank, and on the exterior surfaces. Please consult Vector Climate before proceeding with any descaling maintenance.